A little bit of heaven.

Celestial Dreams® was established in 1989. Over the last 26 years our goal has always been to make a Aroma Product that  truly scents your home. All of our Aroma Buttons, Aroma Sticks, Aroma Candles and our Aroma Bath Bombs are made by hand. Our Aroma blends are made with Essential Oils and Concentrates. Our Candles are made with a Vegetable wax blend with a natural paper core wick. Our Aroma Buttons are very unique. Stronger than candles,  reusable, mix to create your own Aroma, No Soot and reusable.  We hope you love our products as much as we love making it for you. We believe in giving back to the community through fundraising and charities. Contact us at: fundraising@Celestialdreams.com or Call @ 443-632-7144. Celestial Dreams® 2016